2021 m. vasario – balandžio mėnesiais į Vilniaus kolegijos Sveikatos priežiūros fakultetą pagal ERASMUS+ mainų programą atvyko Latvijos universiteto Rygos medicinos kolegijos studijų programos „Bendrosios praktikos slauga“ studentė Gita Babre. ERASMUS mainų programos metu studentė atliko praktiką VšĮ Vilniaus rajono centrinės poliklinikos Greitosios medicinos pagalbos stotyje.

Viktorija Kielė
VK SPF ERASMUS koordinatorė,
Slaugos katedros lektorė

Gita dalinasi savo patirtimi:

As part of the Erasmus program in the Lithuania, I spent a total of 2 memorable and adventurous months of practice. My practice was at ambulance and I initially was a little worried about how it would be and how easy it will be to adapt in new environment. Then, from the first moment, when I met my new colleagues I was able to leave all my fears behind.
Everyone was so welcoming, polite and friendly, that I felt incredibly good and relaxed.
Practice was so exciting because at ambulance you never know what kind of call you will get, and what will be patient’s condition etc. I was able to work with Covid-19 patients, saw car crush, fire, different heart diseases, mental illnesses, patients after surgeries and vaccines, injuries (different fractures) and not only adults, but children too. I was actively participating and assisting the staff.
In general, I got a lot of positive feelings, opportunities to use my knowledge and be useful in every day’s work at practice. I gained both theoretical and practical knowledge. Staff was willing to share knowledge and ready to teach new team member during working process.
To be honest, I am very happy that I speak Russian and Latvian, then I could actually be able to understand a lot of things in Lithuanian!
Yes, sadly because of Covid-19 I was not able to enjoy everything what Vilnius could offer on normal daily basis, but it takes me only 4 hour drive to get here, so I will definitely visit Vilnius again in summer time!
Strongly recommend to every student, who has the opportunity, to go for Erasmus. It opens up a wider view of medicine and life in general. It gives a chance to test your own abilities, and skills, gives you a possibility to meet new people, hear their stories, be inspired and also make amazing friendships! It was a lifetime experience for me and I am more than glad that I was here in Vilnius. Thank you!!!!
Gita Babre, Latvia.